These Are A Few of My Favorite Things...

...baking, decorating, creating, giving (& wrapping) presents, blessing someone in need, listening to carols, watching Christmas movies, my special time with my close friends, and having my family home. But all of these things would be meaningless if I didn't reflect on the person around whom the season revolves, Jesus Christ, God's gift to us. I try hard to keep Him the center of my thoughts and daily life. So I read! I read the Christmas story. I read advent stuff. I read books like Joe Wheeler's "Christmas in my Heart." I listen to Christmas music while at home by myself (a favorite this year, Chris Tomlin "Glory in the Highest"). And what was so very, very cool this year...Gary and I were able to attend PC3's Christmas Eve Service. It was incredible!
I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas. Blessings, Doris


Caroling Parties

Another memory from Jill...
When I think of Christmas I think of those awesome Caroling Parties. They were so fun. These didn't start until we were in high school and we try to continue these as best we can; there's nothing like the old Calabash neighborhood. They so loved to see us and listen to our carols (that's because we had those awesome singing Walters! ;) and others of course, like Becky Stover.)
Lots of fun memories from these parties...
Like the year I leaned back on the bar and caught my hair on fire! Yes that's right I went up in flames, but everyone quickly got it out, nothing bad just a few singed hairs! We enjoyed learning a couple of country line dances one year. And simply all of the faces of appreciation from our neighbors (most were elderly) who enjoyed our company so much! And of course the gobs and gobs of cookies and yummy Snyder food!


Jill Writes...

When I think of Christmas I think of...
Baking, baking, baking. I remember helping Mom bake cookies at Christmas time. We still do today. We bake so may different kinds of cookies. And then we make trays to give to customers of The Shipping Station (used to be all of the beach realty companies too when Dad still had Snyder's Lawn Care). I hope we continue this tradition, even though I don't own a business that requires that I make trays and trays of yummy goodies for my customers! I love to look through Mom's cook books. Although I now like to collect my own too! ;)


Gingerbread Men

When Becky and Richard were preschoolers -many years ago- I used to read them the story of "The Gingerbread Man." I remember reading it over and over and over. After Jon was born I remembered the gingerbread story when I saw these cute cookies at Apple Annie's in Wilmington. So I bought one for Jon and sent it with his Christmas present. The first set of pictures was taken that year. The next year I sent another gingerbread man from Apple Annie's and you can see from the pictures that Jon was very excited when he recognized the box.

Every year I send Jon, Caleb, Butch and Becky each a gingerbread man. A couple of years ago I started making my own gingerbread men. I don't know if they are as good as Apple Annie's, but I do enjoy making them for the Rahes and for my family. Of course now, I keep the storybook on hand to read to Bree...especially at Christmastime when the gingerbread men make their annual appearance. Somewhere I have pictures of Bree with her gingerbread men. Hopefully I will post them soon.


Cookies and Peanut Brittle

Whew! I am finally sitting down. I just finished stuffing over 90 little bags with peanut brittle..and I should add...after making 3 batches of cookies. Yes, it's that time of the season when Gary and I are busy making lots of goodies for his customers. I have no idea when this tradition started, but we've been doing this for many, many years. In 1993 I started keeping a journal of some of our special dinners, celebrations, parties, etc. Most of the entries tell my menu and the guests. Occasionally I actually made comments about food that didn't turn out or something that became a new favorite. It has definitely helped to have a Christmas cookie list from years past. So what did I make in 1993 that I am still making? Cranberry cheesecake bars, mexican wedding cookies, buckeyes, chocolate dipped social tea & vienna finger cookies. What did I make then that I haven't made in a while? Chocolate walnut minis (a small tart), Barb Weaver's sugar cookie recipe, and raspberry coffee cake. The first 2 take a lot of work and I can't get the raspberry filling to make the coffee cake (but I still look for it every year.)
Oh, the cookie trays will be done tomorrow! Yeah!


Julie remembers...

"I remember before Jill got married we would sleep in the same bed the night before Christmas. I think it was so that Jill could wake me up. I knew the presents would be there when we woke up, but I guess Jill thought we better get to them before they disappeared. I remember being kinda sad when Jill got married and we couldn't keep that tradition up. But. at least I'm married too." Julie Snyder Mixon

Thanks for sharing


Christmas Stockings

"When I think of Christmas I think of...stockings.
Stockings are my favorite. I love all the different stuff that would be in there! And we had really long stockings when we were growing up. So the gifts just kept coming and coming. I love to load Bree, Ty and Chris' stockings with unique candy that they will love and cool gifts too." Jill
I think what Jill really, really likes in the stockings is chocolate...especially if that chocolate has peanut butter with it! I don't think Julie complained about the chocolate either. And I will admit I always made sure there was chocolate for me and Gary! Wow...all this talk about chocolate...just gotta have some!


Christmas when you're 1

More pictures of Christmas at the Naves home. Just think, there were only 3 grandkids at this time. Can you imagine what it looked like a few more years down the road when the grandkids kept coming and coming! Stacy had just turned 1 in November, Jill's birthday was just a few days away. I'm not sure they were all that impressed with the whole thing.
Becky, Richard, Corey, Stacy and Jill. I wonder if this picture was taken before the presents were opened. Either that or mom had already cleaned everything up...or maybe this is another room???
This is Julie on her first Christmas. She looks like she hadn't been awake long and was probably wondering what the big deal was all about.
I know it seems like presents are a big focus of our Christmases, but these are the glimpses we have because of pictures taken. We don't have pictures of singing carols or reading the Christmas story, or advent devotions. So enjoy these old pictures and I'll share stories about the other traditions and celebrations later.


Holden Beach Christmas

In August of 1984 we left family and friends behind and moved to Holden Beach, North Carolina. We rented a house on a canal on the island and somewhat enjoyed beach life for a while. The girls were so glad to have their Aunt Becky join us. It really helped adjusting to life away from cousins, grandparents, etc. Twenty-five years ago the beach became practically deserted after Labor Day. So we had a very quiet (silent) holiday. One thing I remember was walking on the beach on Christmas...barefoot. It wasn't really warm enough to be walking around barefoot...we just wanted to be able to say we were on the beach with sand between our toes.
I asked Gary what he remembered about our first Christmas here and he said, "We got the girls bicycles, it was 70 degrees and the girls were able to ride their bikes. So perhaps it was warm enough to go barefoot.
On the back of the Becky's picture I wrote, "Becky's First Christmas Away From Home." I'm sure she missed Mom & Dad and Richard, but we were all very glad she was a part of our home for our first Christmas here. (At least it looks like she enjoyed her gifts.) Don't the girls look so cute in their Strawberry Shortcake nightgowns!


From John

I can always remember dad running out at the last minute to buy something from mom. We always opened gifts on Christmas eve, and one year I got a lionel train set. We set it up on the kitchen table, and dad had it going wide open. It flew off the table and broke. Then I was sad, but dad went out and got a new engine for it!!!
God speed...John

Thanks for sharing that memory with me. I had forgotten all about dad's last minute shopping trips. And opening gifts on Christmas eve must have started after I was older ...maybe after I left for Nashville? I guess you guys got a jump start before the crowd came in on Christmas Day. In one of the pictures from Friday's post there is a huge dog. This was John's dog, a great dane (?) named Goliath. Man, that dog was like a small horse! Merry Christmas, John!


North Myrtle Beach Traditions

When the girls were young, we bought a timeshare at Peppertree by the Sea in NMB. Our week is the one following Thanksgiving, so I guess you could say that it became one of our Christmas traditions. But like many traditions it too has changed over the years. When we first started going, the girls were homeschooled so part of the day was spent studying, part going to gymnastics and the rest enjoying the beach and the indoor pool. The last couple of years Jill and Bree have been able to come a couple of days. Jill would bring her computer and work from there, Bree and I would just hang out and enjoy the beach on warmer days. I'm not sure but I think one year Julie took some pictures on the beach that are now on her website. They're in the art section - alternative processes. - (I think #s 12-14 in the slide show - Is that right Julie?)
Anyway, over the years it's provided an opportunity to get some shopping done, Christmas cards done, catch a movie or a show, make truffles and buckeyes, and just enjoy family time at the beach. I love to watch the sunrise over the ocean and love to hear the waves crashing. It provides a glorious backdrop for morning devotions. Both Gary and I cherish these peaceful moments. I think that's the best part of the week.
"With the loving mercy of our God, a new day from heaven will dawn upon us. It will shine on those who live in darkness, in the shadow of death. It will guide us into the path of peace." Luke 1: 78-79
"Thanks be to God for his gift that is too wonderful for words." 2 Corinthians 9:15


Christmas at Grandma Naves

Christmas at Grandma Naves has changed over the years. John and I don't live near, so our families aren't able to participate in that wild event. I say wild because that's what happens when that many kids gather in one place. But our hearts are there even when we aren't. I'm trying to think about Jill's age in these pictures and I believe in the first one she is 3, in the second one she's 5 and in the third one she's 4. Am I right? Anyway, from the pictures you see that Christmas at Grandma's was fun for the kids!

"Santa Claus" author unknown

He comes in the night! He comes in the night!
He softly, silently comes,
While the little brown heads on the pillows so white
Are dreaming of bugles and drums.
Who tells him I know not, but he findeth the home
Of each good little boy and girl.

He rides to the West, and he rides to the East;
Of his goodies, he touches not one;
he eats the crumbs of the Christmas feast
When the dear little folds are done.
Old Santa Claus does all that he can;
This beautiful mission is his;
Then children, be good to the little old man,
When you find who the little man is.


Becky's Thoughts

Becky shares these thoughts of Christmas.
This year as the holidays approach, I find myself singing old Christmas songs from grade school, songs from church and reminiscing of Christmas Caroling. I remember the innocence and excitement of waiting for the Christmas decorations and my mon's endless energy to get the house clean and all decorated. I can smell the aroma of cloves placed in an apple or orange and placed on a shelf. I see mistletoe hanging in the doorway as you go into the kitchen. Since we didn't have the luxury of having sweets all year round or just anytime at the touch of our fingers, the glorious fragrances coming from the kitchen as mother baked for the wonderful celebration was were highly anticipated.
I loved looking at our beautiful Christmas tree. I remember the light with color wheel shining on the tree. I would lay under the tree looking up and the lights were like stars shining. I would imagine the Star shining over Bethlehem that first Christmas. I always, from then on, wanted as many lights on my Christmas tree. I felt that it was my way of remembering that Jesus, God's precious gift to us is truly the Light of the World.
I also remember we always dressed in our very best and had all the family over! We couldn't wait to exchange gifts. I was always excited for Aunt Mary and Uncle Charlie to arrive, because I knew they always brought us a gift. Remember when we were children, we didn't get toys and gifts all year round so even underwear was exciting to get! I am thankful for the joy and love I felt at Christmas. It was such an exciting time, and I was so thankful for my 3 gifts and my stocking! (remember Jesus received 3 gifts on that first Christmas, so why do we think we have to break the bank now?) I still have my Christmas stocking from my childhood. I remember the nuts and little personal items. I really appreciate what I received and am so thankful. Now as a parent, I realize what it is like to try to find "the gift" to make our children happy. When as we have to realize is that if we would just keep it simple and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, we will make the holidays memorable!
Thank you mom and dad for giving me wonderful memories, especially you momma!


Nashville Christmas

Wow, this was a few years ago. So young (and skinny)! Gary and I were in school in Nashville and it looks like we had 2 little cats. There wasn't a plan or theme for my trees back then...just whatever I had. I think icicles were the only requirement. I don't think the tree was as brown as it looks in the second picture. We had so much fun and were beginning to lay the foundations for future Christmas celebrations.
In my English class at Bible college I used Christmas as the theme for a poetry assignment. I think we had to choose a subject, find poems and somehow put them all together. I do remember that I got an A even though it was a bit "cheesy."
One of the poems I used..."Christmas is Remembering" by Elsie Binns.

Christmas is remembering
Shy shepherds on a hill
And voices echoing
"Peace--Good Will!"
Christmas is remembering
A stable and a star
And wise men journeying
from afar.
Christmas is remembering
A new-born baby boy
And all the world caroling
Songs of joy.


Christmas is Remembering

I love Christmas. I love the sights, the sounds, the smells, the tastes of Christmas. I'm so glad I'm part of a family who loves Christmas. I can't imagine being married to one of those "bah humbug" persons! Ewww! I'm also very blessed to have some "kindred spirit" friends who also adore Christmas....definitely some great memories of past Christmases there!
For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to look back through the years and remember. I welcome you on my journey.
A few years ago, we started taking a family picture on Christmas day. This one is from 2007. Bree had so much fun helping Julie push the button on the timer and then running and jumping into place. And how cool is it to have a photographer in the family? Way cool!
Tomorrow we'll go back to Christmas in Nashville 1974.


A Few Cards to Share

I finally took a few minutes and quickly edited some pictures of some cards from some recent classes and card swaps. The first card is from a swap using hostess sets from the new SU IB&C. I used "Of the Earth" a level 1 hostess set. The colors for the card came from the designer series paper "Tea Party". You wouldn't know it from these pictures, but "purples" aren't colors I normally choose.
The next card was from a class last month and when I made it I knew exactly which of my friends would be getting this one. And it was made knowing that I would be giving it to her to cherish the memory of someone she loved very, very much.

The last 3 cards were made at a quick and easy class I had last week. I had to go back to some basic layouts and work really, really hard to keep some of the cards simple. That's not an easy thing. But it worked and everyone completed all 12 cards in 2 hours. That's a good thing, especially when you have people who've never stamped before.
The other stamp sets used are medallion, fun and fast notes, and sentiments from thoughts and prayers and from warm words.


Julie's on Etsy

Julie has a shop on etsy. It's called "Design Pile" and currently features photo christmas cards. It's a great value for one of her designs. She also offers printing service if you like a better quality print - you know something other than wal-mart, snapfish, sams, etc.
Check out her shop here
And remember her designs when you get ready to order your Christmas Cards.
(And FYI Julie is my younger daughter and also has an addiction to paper. It runs in the family - Jill has it too!)


Friends 24-7

So hard to believe that more than a month has gone by since my last post. I really have made more than this one - single - solitary card. Really!
I've taken pictures twice. And realize that on my wish list I should be dreaming of a new camera - as in Canon Rebel (whatever camera that Jill bought on Julie's recommendation). Did I mention dreaming? Anyway, if I do get the camera how do I get in Julie's classes? She will be having a workshop in Southport in the spring, so if you have a digital SLR camera, I'm sure this class would be well worth your time and money.
I'll keep you posted.
Anyway, Julie bought a big new mac computer and her old one now resides in my home office. I'm having a difficult time transitioning to Photoshop. Again, I need classes. Julie needs to move closer. Wouldn't it be great if Brunswick Community College would add a photography/arts program and hire her. Dream, wish, hope!
Back to the card. This was one of the cards from my last class. The layout is from the 2009-10
SU Idea Book & Catalog. The stamp set is called Friends 24-7...such a great set. I'm so glad I have a 24-7 friend!


Happy Birthday Bree!

Today's is Bree's 4th birthday. When I called her this morning she proudly told me that she is now 4, that when she goes to school (childcare) today she will be 4, and that she will be 4 for a long time. I guess when you're four a year does seem like a very long time.
Bree is all about pink. Her bedroom walls are pretty close to the pink layer on the card. She likes cupcakes and princess stuff, but is not afraid to pick up the worms that get caught on the driveway after a rain. She gathers them, places them back on the grass, and then waters them hoping they will plump back up and live again.
I used the scallop edge punch to make the cupcake bottom and a circle punch for the top. I had to add some pink rhinestones to dress it up a bit. And the sentiment - well, it says it all. So Very Sweet! At least I think so.
Happy, Happy Birthday Bree!


Mojo Monday Challenge

I made a card for todays Mojo Monday Challenge, and then I switched out the center of the card to give it a whole new look.  Choosing a patterned paper from SU Sale-a-bration collection determined the color combination.  The ribbon is also from last February's Sale-a-bration.   The circle background and thank you stamps are from Inkadinkado (at least I think).  The Japanese doll was made from punches.
This layout would be great to use for a brag book or mini album. Okay, now there's one more card challenge I would like to try before I begin dinner.  If I keep it simple, I just might make it.  


New Baby Card

My niece Stacy had a baby boy a couple of days ago.  She lives in another state so I'm glad my sisters have posted pictures so quickly to facebook.  He's a cute little guy - only weighs 5lb 5 oz.  Stacy and Will are home now and are doing great.  Congrats to Stacy, her husband Eric and their sons Ian and Bradley.
I used Taylor's Challenge layout to make the card for Stacy.  I found the soft sky patterned paper pieces near the top of my dp stash, so that determined the colors I used.  The sweet bundle of love stamp is from Sweet Celebrations, the little baby from Tag Time and sentiment from Congrats (all retired SU sets).  I used Blue Bayou ink for the image and sentiment. 
On her post, Taylor said this was an easy layout and she was right. Check out her blog and see some of the other great cards using this layout.


Catalog Inspiration

Most of the time I refer to the Stampin Up Idea & Catalog as just "the catalog." But it really is more than that. It really is a great place for ideas and inspiration. At the first Stampin Up workshop I attended, I purchased a catalog (see there I go again...calling it "a catalog"). Of course, I could have held a workshop or something and received it free, but that's another story or lesson learned. Anyway, the point is that I saw the value of having in my hand a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration. The card today was made using a sample on page 15 as the inspiration.
There is a level 2 hostess set in the new SU catalog called Asian Artistry. I really like the set and will hopefully be able to add it to my collection. But for now I pulled out a retired set (Calming Garden) to make this card. I used the same layout, kept the colors similar, and left off the ribbon. I also added a layer to the inside of the card. There is another sample on the same page that I think I would like to try with another stamp from Calming Garden. And then perhaps when I get the new set I can try both cards again with new images.
The original card can be seen in the 2009-2010 Idea Book & Catalog.


Japanese Doll Card

Sorry about the awful pictures.  I guess you can tell I didn't take much time making sure the light was right, etc.  There was a lot going on and I was trying to make sure I snapped a couple of pictures before the little dolls got packed away in a suitcase.  My sister Becky and her family were here for a couple of days before they headed to the beach. We had been having problems with our well and were waiting for a new one to be dug.  We had a temporary fix - yeah, right!  That's difficult and inconvenient all by itself.  Add six more people to that mix and I guess it was just bound to break.  Saturday morning we woke to no water at all.  Needless to say it was an interesting morning.  We were able to get water from the neighbors to get things cleaned up before we all left for the beach.  How did they do this 100 years ago?  Oh, and while all this was going on, the little cat decided to give birth to her kittens.  One did not survive the day and the other only survived 3 days.  Sad.

Anyway, back to the subject.  I saw some Japanese dolls made from punches on Kirsteen's blog.
I knew right away that Becky would want to make some.  Kirsteen had listed all of the measurements for the card and the dolls.  So Becky and I made a bunch of the dolls and one card.  We knew we didn't have enough time to make a bunch of cards, but at least we made the dolls.  Hopefully Becky will be able to make a bunch of cards when she gets home and things get back to normal - well just crazy normal (she knows what I mean.)
Check out Kirsteen's blog and see her other samples as well as the instructions


Finally...some new cards!

Between working and helping Jill when I can, I haven't had a lot of time to make cards nor to post.  So I snapped a couple of pictures to share. These are some that I have made over the last couple of weeks.
This first card was one of two made for Chris' birthday.  This was my favorite and was the one made for Jill to give to Chris. I used a retired set called Fly Fishing.  It's one of the first SU sets I bought.  I don't have a lot of "guy" stamps, and this is one that I've just not been able to part with.
The patterned paper is from Parisian Breeze...so sorry to see the end of this paper pack.

I cased these cards from some fellow stampers.  They are made with patterned paper and the large scallop sizzix die.  

All of the patterned papers are from Stampin UP retired designer collections.  Sure is nice using up some of my stash.  
These are packed in a cello bag, tied with ribbon and sold at our store.  They complement the Hype Strype collection we sell.
Next I want to make some of the cards with the little Japanese dolls on them.  I really need to get busy on those before Becky's visit.  She loves things with an "Eastern" look.
Have a blessed Fourth of July - Celebrate and read Mark Levin's book "Liberty and Tyranny."


Mojo Monday Challenge

Wow...I managed to make another challenge card! I was beginning to think that perhaps these were a thing of the past for me. There's way too many things I should be doing on my Monday at home. Today, I painted some baseboards (should have been done months ago), washed the dishes, did some laundry, and...began the process of cleaning the grout on the kitchen floor...how gross is that? So, the Monday Mojo Sketch Challenge sounded like a good thing!
I used the Parisian Breeze Specialty Paper...it's on SU "going, going, gone" list. Baja Breeze was one of my favorite In Colors this year...I'll miss this one. Thanks to the Mojo Design team for another fun card sketch. Check out all of the cards here.

My card components:
Paper: kraft, baja breeze, Parisian Breeze Specialty, white
Ink: close to cocoa, chocolate chip marker, baja breeze reinker (with blender pen)
Accesories: close to cocoa ribbon, oval punches, flower fusion, CB folder


Happy Birthday Taylor

Today is Taylor's birthday...Happy Birthday to one very talented lady!
The layout for the card is today's cupcake challenge. A couple of months ago I ordered some stuff from Taylor's store, so I pulled out some of it to make today's card. The paper, ribbon and flowers are all from that pack. The image is from TE Sweet Spring. I cut out a party hat, added a brad and some "fru-fru" ribbon (I have no idea what that stuff is called).
You know what, today's Stamp Simply challenge is "half circles" so this card meets that challenge too.
That's cool...2 challenges.

Anyway, it was nice to be making a challenge card again...it's been a long, long time.
Check out all the great cards on Taylor's blog


Catching Up

Wow...it's been a long time since I've posted anything! I've not done much stamping, but I have been busy. One big project has been painting picture frames. The frog in the corner is actually stamped. That took a bit of work getting the correct amount of ink on the stamp. There has to be a better way. Anyway...he looks like he belongs with Bree out on that old boat. Of course this is one of Julie's pictures. Check out Julie's post here for more of Bree's "3 year old photo shoot."

You may notice from recent posts that one of the things I've been trying to do is use up some of the random things that have found their way into my stamp room. I found these containers and decided to paint them. The easiest thing for me was to stick with polka dots. I used rubber stamps for a couple of the sizes and a pencil for the very smallest one. Now what did I do with them?
I took them to the store and am using them as "props" around some of the gift displays.
I've also been working on bag tags...those have been fun!
And I am trying to learn how to use an Apple computer...well, really trying to learn photoshop.
Last weekend I went to visit Julie and she was able to show me some of her actions. Oh my goodness!!! I can't wait to try some of them. If you have photoshop or elements it would be worth it to buy Julies textures and borders dvd.


Clean and Simple Cards

Last Monday my friend Donna was finally able to come for a few hours to make cards. She recently went back to work, so it's been more difficult finding a free morning. We decided that we wanted to make clean and simple cards. Donna sells some of her cards at a local shop...so these cards are easy to make and the cost is lower because they don't have a lot of embellishments.

Most of these cards are a combination of cards I saw on Splitcoast Stampers. The gallery section for clean and simple cards provided loads of inspiration. We spent about 15 minutes looking through some of the samples and then picked out a few stamps we thought would work well for these cards. We made almost the same cards...just changed colors or stamps.

These are a sample of the cards Donna made. She actually made multiples of each and will finish them later at home. She will be adding a sentiment and perhaps a piece of cardstock along the top or a ribbon...or leave them simple...which looks quite nice. She also made some similar to the first 2 cards.

The last card is also based on a card I saw on Splitcoast...I think the original card had a bouquet of flowers. I have already given the card away. She should have received it today with "a little something." Hope she likes it.

So...Donna left 2 containers of designer paper and card stock for me to plan ahead for our next stamp day. She really needs to make some things with all the product she has...boy, does that sound familiar. The plan is to have a plan! Perhaps then we will get more accomplished in a short period of time...
yeah, right!


2 Challenge Cards

The sketch for the first card comes from Jen's Saturday sketch challenge. The card is for my nephew who turned 13 on Saturday. I know I'm a bit late in making the card. It's not that I don't remember these birthdays...I just remember too early and then put off making a card...then when I remember again...I'm late! I need a better system.
The sentiment on the card is from the retired SU set called Alphabet Soup (this set is one of the retired sets that I am selling).
Stamps: Alphabet Soup, Sanded background
Paper: baja blue, not quite navy, basic grey, white, not quite navy dp
Ink: not quite navy and going grey SU markers
Accessories: punches
I made this card for a friend using the mojo monday sketch. Papers: white, baja blue, Parisian Breeze Specialty paper. Ink: Not quite navy, baja blue, SU markers (not quite navy), reinkers (baja blue and kiwi kiss) with blender pens
Stamps: Upsy Daisy, Cheep Talk, Think Happy Thoughts
Accessories: grey satin ribbon, punches, ice brads


Yummy Bunny

I didn't think I would have the time to make a card for Taylor's sketch challenge this week, but thanks to Jill I had an excuse to make this one. She needs a card for her nephew and everything I've made so far has too much "girl" stuff on it. So I took out TE's Sweet Spring set and chose the cuppie and bunny and used lots of blue. The bunny and little boy blue cuppie were both colored with SU markers. I used a white glaze pen on the bunny's tail. I could probably add another layer of glaze and make the tail "pop" a bit more.
The background paper is from SU SAB paper set.
So that's it...simple, but cute.


My 2008 Books I've Read List

I realized that I still had my book list was still from 2008. So I'm going to list them here and create a new list for 2009. I love to read and have been disappointed to find that I am reading less. Perhaps I am on the computer too much. I know it's not from exercising more! That said, I need to push away from my desk and just read.

2008 Books I've Read
  • The Bible (NLT)
  • My Christmas Assortment (3)
  • Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg
  • Dawn's Light by Terri Blackstock
  • True Light by Terri Blackstock
  • Night Light by Terri Blackstock
  • Last Light by Terri Blackstock
  • My Grandfather's Son by Clarence Thomas
  • The One Minute Entrepreneur by Ken Blanchard and Don Hutson
  • Breaking the Discipleship Code by David Putman
  • Mudhouse Sabbath - Lauren Winner
  • Crazy Love by Francis Chan
  • The Shack - William P. Young
  • Courageous in Calling - a Catalyst collection of assorted authors
  • Death in Berlin - M.M. Kaye
  • Epicenter - Joel Rosenberg
  • I became a Christian and all I got was this lousy t-shirt - Vince Antonucci
  • Looking for God - Nancy Ortberg
  • the organic God - Margaret Feinberg
  • The Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren (was the 2nd time I read this one)
  • The Small Rain - Madeline L'Engle


Mojo Monday #80

Card sketch challenges are a wonderful inspiration when making a card. But even then I sometimes have a difficult time choosing colors or stamps. But today's Mojo Monday card was much easier for me because I had a specific kind of card to make. I needed a card for a new baby boy and I wanted to use the retired SU set "I'm Here." I couldn't believe I still had some papers from SU "Splash" designer paper collection. Now all I need to do is make a couple of scapbook pages for Ty and I should be able to use up ALL of that paper.)

Gotta go, Gary will be walking through the door any minute and I need at least look like I'm making dinner. :)
Paper: barely banana, certain celery, bashful blue, white, Splash dp
Ink: bashful blue, barely banana
Accessories, punches, certain celery grosgrain ribbon


Hoppy Birthday Card for SFYTT

Yesterday I took care of Ty while his mom and dad were painting and working at their new house. Ty's sleeper had a pocket on the front with frog eyes coming out of the top and frog legs sticking out the bottom...so cute! When I took the picture, I had already made the card, but got an ink smudge on the white card stock next to the frog image and was quickly stamping and coloring another frog. I put a couple of blankets on the floor and let Ty play. He figured out how to grab one of the hanging rattles and was having a great time. Such a cutie!

Anyway, his frog was the inspiration for the card I made for Jen's SFYTT challenge. All of the stamps are from the retired SU set called Unfrogettable. Everything was first stamped in Garden green and then colored with SU markers. The toadstool/mushroom is cutout and attached with a pop up dot. The patterned paper is on of the SAB papers (still available for 2 more days).
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All supplies Stampin Up!
Paper: barely banana, SAB print, bashful blue, white
Ink: Garden Green, SU Markers - gable green, only orange, bashful blue, barely banana, garden green
Accessories: brads, Stampin Dimensionals


Cupcake Challenge #61

This is the card layout from yesterday's Cupcake Challenge. It also fits the Stamp Simply challenge found here. That challenge is called "Let's Forget the Rules." It requires the use of either stripes or dots and if desired another print or pattern. That was easy...I chose one of the patterned papers from Taylored Expressions Easter Key Ingredients Kit. It had stripes on one side and polka dots on the other.

The image and sentiment are both from TE Sweet Spring set. I used SU markers to color the cupcake and jelly beans and of course added a TE brad on top. Bree really likes this brad...it sparkles. The felt flowers and light pink brad are from SU. I remembered to stamp a cupcake on white paper for the inside of the card.
The black border is one that Julie made for me.She sells her absolutely fabulous textures and borders (for printshop) on dvd. The dvd also includes a video tutorial and extra photoshop brushes. This is how she describes her textures and borders dvd:
Each texture and border was handcrafted for the purpose of making art. By mixing the elements of texture and line you will discover techniques to bring fine art elements to your own imagery. The video tutorials introduce techniques to get you started, but I encourage you to experiment with your own digital manipulation techniques…there are so many possibilities! Here are the specifics of what is on the disk: 31 different textures (I know, why couldn’t I have made it an even 30), 11 borders, 8 bonus Photoshop brushes and 4 video tutorials to get you going. Fun Stuff!

Check out her blog...


Mojo Monday

I made a very quick card for today's mojo monday sketch challenge. The flower is a Hero Art stamp I have had for a couple of years. I colored it with SU markers. I stamped the green layer with the sanded background stamp and then used the scallop border punch on the bottom. The patterned paper is from an Old World Textured paper pack. I was trying to finish this in less than 10 minutes so I could go for a walk before dinner...and in doing that I took the picture before I realized I had not added a sentiment. On the sketch it is positioned above the green panel, right side. I'm not sure what I will use...birthday, thank you, thinking of you...any of those will work.
The best thing about today's card...10 minutes...it took longer to take the picture and post it here!