Caroling Parties

Another memory from Jill...
When I think of Christmas I think of those awesome Caroling Parties. They were so fun. These didn't start until we were in high school and we try to continue these as best we can; there's nothing like the old Calabash neighborhood. They so loved to see us and listen to our carols (that's because we had those awesome singing Walters! ;) and others of course, like Becky Stover.)
Lots of fun memories from these parties...
Like the year I leaned back on the bar and caught my hair on fire! Yes that's right I went up in flames, but everyone quickly got it out, nothing bad just a few singed hairs! We enjoyed learning a couple of country line dances one year. And simply all of the faces of appreciation from our neighbors (most were elderly) who enjoyed our company so much! And of course the gobs and gobs of cookies and yummy Snyder food!

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