Happy Birthday Bree!

Today's is Bree's 4th birthday. When I called her this morning she proudly told me that she is now 4, that when she goes to school (childcare) today she will be 4, and that she will be 4 for a long time. I guess when you're four a year does seem like a very long time.
Bree is all about pink. Her bedroom walls are pretty close to the pink layer on the card. She likes cupcakes and princess stuff, but is not afraid to pick up the worms that get caught on the driveway after a rain. She gathers them, places them back on the grass, and then waters them hoping they will plump back up and live again.
I used the scallop edge punch to make the cupcake bottom and a circle punch for the top. I had to add some pink rhinestones to dress it up a bit. And the sentiment - well, it says it all. So Very Sweet! At least I think so.
Happy, Happy Birthday Bree!

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