Becky's Thoughts

Becky shares these thoughts of Christmas.
This year as the holidays approach, I find myself singing old Christmas songs from grade school, songs from church and reminiscing of Christmas Caroling. I remember the innocence and excitement of waiting for the Christmas decorations and my mon's endless energy to get the house clean and all decorated. I can smell the aroma of cloves placed in an apple or orange and placed on a shelf. I see mistletoe hanging in the doorway as you go into the kitchen. Since we didn't have the luxury of having sweets all year round or just anytime at the touch of our fingers, the glorious fragrances coming from the kitchen as mother baked for the wonderful celebration was were highly anticipated.
I loved looking at our beautiful Christmas tree. I remember the light with color wheel shining on the tree. I would lay under the tree looking up and the lights were like stars shining. I would imagine the Star shining over Bethlehem that first Christmas. I always, from then on, wanted as many lights on my Christmas tree. I felt that it was my way of remembering that Jesus, God's precious gift to us is truly the Light of the World.
I also remember we always dressed in our very best and had all the family over! We couldn't wait to exchange gifts. I was always excited for Aunt Mary and Uncle Charlie to arrive, because I knew they always brought us a gift. Remember when we were children, we didn't get toys and gifts all year round so even underwear was exciting to get! I am thankful for the joy and love I felt at Christmas. It was such an exciting time, and I was so thankful for my 3 gifts and my stocking! (remember Jesus received 3 gifts on that first Christmas, so why do we think we have to break the bank now?) I still have my Christmas stocking from my childhood. I remember the nuts and little personal items. I really appreciate what I received and am so thankful. Now as a parent, I realize what it is like to try to find "the gift" to make our children happy. When as we have to realize is that if we would just keep it simple and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, we will make the holidays memorable!
Thank you mom and dad for giving me wonderful memories, especially you momma!

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