Japanese Doll Card

Sorry about the awful pictures.  I guess you can tell I didn't take much time making sure the light was right, etc.  There was a lot going on and I was trying to make sure I snapped a couple of pictures before the little dolls got packed away in a suitcase.  My sister Becky and her family were here for a couple of days before they headed to the beach. We had been having problems with our well and were waiting for a new one to be dug.  We had a temporary fix - yeah, right!  That's difficult and inconvenient all by itself.  Add six more people to that mix and I guess it was just bound to break.  Saturday morning we woke to no water at all.  Needless to say it was an interesting morning.  We were able to get water from the neighbors to get things cleaned up before we all left for the beach.  How did they do this 100 years ago?  Oh, and while all this was going on, the little cat decided to give birth to her kittens.  One did not survive the day and the other only survived 3 days.  Sad.

Anyway, back to the subject.  I saw some Japanese dolls made from punches on Kirsteen's blog.
I knew right away that Becky would want to make some.  Kirsteen had listed all of the measurements for the card and the dolls.  So Becky and I made a bunch of the dolls and one card.  We knew we didn't have enough time to make a bunch of cards, but at least we made the dolls.  Hopefully Becky will be able to make a bunch of cards when she gets home and things get back to normal - well just crazy normal (she knows what I mean.)
Check out Kirsteen's blog and see her other samples as well as the instructions

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