Happy Anniversary

It's Julie and Shannon's wedding anniversary! 2 years. The card is mellow moss and chocolate chip. Those were the colors in the wedding. The asparagus fern in the background is from the reception. Julie and I painted 24 clay pots white and added either pink or green sheer ribbon around the top. Each pot had 1 plant with some height in the center and 2-3 plants around it - asparagus fern, or some kind of ivy. These were used on the center of the tables at the reception. We made the favors - small brown boxes with a homemade truffle inside. I think we made about 225 of those (well, I made the boxes and was very happy to have help from my family with the truffles.) I don't know how I got sidetracked - talking about wedding stuff. I just want to wish Julie and Shannon a very blessed and happy anniversary.
But I will confess that even though there's a lot of work involved, I love planning parties and weddings!

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