Let's Go Bananas

My sister Becky called me Monday looking for help with a baby shower she is hosting. She was hoping for a jungle theme and wanted some suggestions. She was actually getting ready to go shopping for stamps. But, hey, I have a room full of stamps and paper and...stuff, so I made some samples for her. This is the one she decided on. She wanted the bright colors.
So being the nice sister that I am, I made 25 cards for her Tuesday and shipped them to her Wednesday. I even cut out 25 monkeys to "pop-up" on the cards.
However, I must tell you that Becky is also a "nice" sister. She purchases all kinds of hair products for me and saves me bunches of money. Becky teaches Tai-Chi at the YMCA (also teaches many other exercise classes). I am hoping that she makes a Tai-Chi dvd, it looks like fun...if exercise can ever be fun! What would be more fun is if she would come to the beach to film her dvd!
Oh, and since the shower is not until August 17th, I should have enough time to help her with decoration and party favor ideas.

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Julie Mixon said...

Hi! Love the monkeys! Lots of depth! Look at you getting all artsy fartsy!