Drink Coffee. Do Good.

I discovered this coffee at the Catalyst Conference last October. This coffee has a remarkable story...one of reconciliation and forgiveness in a country scarred by war and genocide. Purchasing this coffee helps provide a fair wage to the people of Rwanda. It's a wonderful initiative and a great tasting coffee.

But now they should add "Eat Chocolate." I just got back from the Orange Conference in Atlanta. The Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee folks were there serving (and selling) coffee and they had something I didn't know they had. "Vooba Vooba" Rwanda Espresso Dark Chocolate Bark. What can I say...I love dark chocolate and coffee and this stuff is great. So...I bought a bag for Jill, a bag for Julie and one for me.
Check out their website.
Order some coffee and Do Good!

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Rose said...

Good night Miss Agnes! Not chocolate, too! You know that I grieved when your post didn't say "and one for Cheryl". :(

(I know, I know...you're only protecting me from myself! I forgive you.)