Bree's Program

Let me start by saying that it's not Totally my fault that these pictures are blurry. I couldn't keep the camera still while I was trying to dodge the moving heads in front of me. OK...
Last Tuesday was the end of the year program for the day care that Bree attends. She was sooo cute!
The little guy on the left is Ryan. He spotted us first and pointed us out to Bree. As you can see, she kept looking over at us, making sure we were watching her and enjoying the whole thing.

This was one of her class songs and she put her glasses on upside down. It didn't take her long to figure out why they would not stay on.

She finally got them going the right way and finished her song.

She's so much fun!
Gary just told me that it's been almost a week since we've seen her :(
Perhaps I will watch her one day this week and we can pick peaches, swim, do some artsy stuff, read about Frog and Toad. . . AND watch Dora.
That's a lot better than working!

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