Fall Fun

Sometimes Jill works from my house. She camps out in the outbuilding while Bree and I have fun in the house. We usually play games and have little tea parties. But last Tuesday I was busy getting ready to paint the ceiling in my bedroom, so Bree had to watch more cartoons than she should have. So after lunch I decided we needed some outdoor time. Instead of grabbing the ball and bat we grabbed our rakes and got busy. Ok, I know you can see my rake leaning against the tree, and Bree busy with her little rake, but trust me...I raked!

See, I really was doing my fair share (which translates to most of the raking...after all she is only three and I am?). As soon as I had a little pile of leaves, Bree would come over, walk through them, kick them around, and wait for me to start over again.

Does this look like fun or what? I am so blessed to be able to spend this time with her.


Julie Mixon said...

soooo cute. love that kid. i like her Bree-size rake. What a ham.

ginny said...

Looks like soooo much fun! Makes me even more anxious to see my grand-boys! You are so lucky....