Loving this transformation stuff!!!

A few months ago I stumbled upon Transformation Thursday at "The Shabby Chic Cottage." There are some talented people out there and lots of great ideas. I've been wanting to replace the dated light fixture in my dining room, and with all the other makeovers and repairs going on, a new light just keeps pushed back. A few years ago, when I could no longer stand the brass light, I borrowed some of Julie's silver rub and voila...new light. I added some small shades (never really liked them) and then one Christmas added the beads and just decided to let them stay a while. So the picture on the left is what I started with today.
I really wanted to use black rub to cover the light...I have a tube somewhere...but after searching for a couple of months, I gave up and bought some metal paint at Lowes. I listened to 2 lectures on C.S. Lewis while I worked on the light. That really helped make the project go by faster. The picture on the right is what I have now and as you can see, I need to buy 8 light bulbs that match. Gary should be bringing those home tonight.
The two pictures below are Julie's. She repainted a couple of frames and made them chalkboards. They're hanging in her home office and help her keep track of her photography events and work schedule.

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